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Cleaning Tips

Check out some of our cleaning tips for rugs! Click the Professional Cleaning button below  for information on our hand washing services.

Rug Care Tips & Tricks


Vacuum your rug frequently to avoid excess dirt and dander entering the pile of your rug. Avoid using the beater bar on the fringe of your rug. Often times using the vacuum wand is the best method for fringe.

Spot Cleaning

Simple is always better. Soaking up any liquid without rubbing should always be your first step. Water can often go a long way, especially with a little bit of Dawn dish soap. For tougher stains, schedule an appointment with Pittsburgh Rug Cleaning for further diagnosis!

Rug Rotation

Rotating your rug every 2-3 years, less if it is a high traffic area, can prevent wear spots on your rug. This also helps with fading if parts of the rug gets different amounts of sunlight. 


Tufts often pop out of rugs as they are used. This is normal and called "sprouting". It is caused by pieces of wool missing the shearing process. Simply snip the sprout at pile height. Do not pull the sprout out as it may cause damage to the rug.

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