5 Ways to Care for your Oriental Rug

1.  For day to day cleaning, your vacuum will do an excellent job of removing surface soil. It is advisable to use your vacuum attachments to reach under furniture for protection against moths, a potential threat to the lifespan of your Oriental Rug.

2.  If you should spill a liquid, use white paper towels to soak up excess moisture; then wet rinse and blot again, raising the wet area until dry. For food spills try to remove as carefully as possible with a dull knife, then follow the same steps as for liquids.

3.  If  you should have to store your carpet for any length of time, take care to pack your Oriental with moth repellents, and wrap in strong paper.

4.  When arranging your furniture, it's wise to have some sort of protection under the legs to prevent the carpet fibers from being crushed.

5.  Lastly, most Orientals benefit from a professional washing every few years, but send them only to an expert who understands the care and extra attention they require.